Your Perfect Fit: Necklace Length Simplified

Your Perfect Fit: Necklace Length Simplified

The necklace is the ultimate ornament to adorn the neckline. It enhances the appearance of a face meanwhile adding character to the ones who wear it. Having said that, getting one of these ornaments is not that cheap. Especially if a buyer prefers to have a pendant hanging from the chain it could cost dearly. Since it is a costly affair it is not preferable to purchase the wrong necklaces that you won’t wear often.
Among many factors that decide the right necklace for an individual, its length does hold weight. Because the positioning of a necklace can impact its appearance and the way it enhances a face. On the other way the type of a person’s outfit, the shape of their face, height, and the purpose of its use do matter upon selecting the right necklace length. Here are some tips and insights that could be helpful.
First of all, it will be helpful to know that there are standard necklace lengths to choose from.

Standard Necklace Lengths, Positioning, and Code Name

Standard sizes includes 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 22”. However, due to differences in neck size of individuals, these standardization varies at different outlets that offer gold plated necklace online shopping. Hence it is better to understand a range of necklace sizes. For example, a 14 to 16-inch sized necklace may give a close fitting that sits snugly around the neck. This is called a choker model. Then there are necklace lengths in the range of 17 to 19 inches. This model called standard or princess rests on the collarbone or just below it. The matinee types that comes in the range of 20 to 24 inches are another option to choose from. It is found to be placed at the top of the bust. Finally, we have opera and rope that come in the range of 28-36 inches and 36 inches respectively. Understanding this standard length ranges could help choose the right necklace length from an online store.

Measuring Necklace Length

Use a measuring tape and hold it around the neck. To give enough leeway add an extra two inches to the measurement. In case a pendant is supposed to adorn the neck add an extra 4 inches. It is that easy to measure the size of a neck and necklace. With this measurement and an understanding of the standard sizes, the right model can be chosen from a store that offers gold plated necklace online shopping.

Choosing Perfect Necklace: Factors and Tips to Consider

Neck size is an inevitable factor to consider. Here are some additional tips.
  • Height: An extra length could overwhelm short-heighted persons. So women below 5’4” would do well with necklace lengths in the range of 16 to 20 inches. If the height is beyond this mark, an extra length will not be a problem.
  • Shape of Face: necklaces are found to accentuate round faces. So round-faced persons are advised to avoid chokers. On the other side, it is preferable for individuals with a lengthy face. Oval-shaped faces can do pretty well with any type of necklace.
  • Outfit: A choker can be preferred for shoulder, crew, or boat neckline dresses. In the case of standard, it is suited to any outfit in your wardrobe. If it is used for business or casual occasions matinee works well. Here goes the complementary nature of outfits and necklace lengths.
  • A thoughtful decision after weighing the requirements, your budget, and the above-mentioned factors can help select a necklace length that you will love to wear often. Accessibility to choices is essential to make such a thoughtful decision. This is exactly why the best online jewelry shops like Kalopsia with its collection of gold plated necklaces and a rich online shopping inventory are here at your service.
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